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Data Storage


We need space for:

  • all raw data - projects, collaborations, GEO, AE …
  • processing/processed data for ongoing projects
    • e.g. aroma in/out; other …
  • processed data - aka “Progenetix current” (basically reduced set of the processed data)
  • “personal” backups, i.e. data from finished analyses, published projects, any safekeeping stuff …
  • snapshot backups
  • TM backup device



  • front office; window box in Y13-F-01
  • Synology DS1817; S/N 1750PRN497900
    • 8x8GB; 2x10Gb bond


  • front office; front box in Y13-F-01
  • Synology DS2015xs; S/N
    • 8x8GB; 2x10Gb bond


  • server room 55K32
  • Synology FS1016; S/N
  • only SSDs, 10G


  • server room 55K32
  • Synology DS1817; S/N , 2 expansion units
  • 2x1G

Michael 2021-01-27: more ...

Data Storage Organization

Information about the hardware can be found here.

Original probes and segments data arraymapMirror/

In hg18/ are files which were processed before the new aroma pipeline by QH. In hg19/ are files processed with the new pipeline, which overlap with some series in hg18. All files in both folders are converted to hg38 in the folders hg18-hg38/ and hg19-hg38/. Then, both folders are merged to grch38/. As there’s much less inconsistency between hg19 and hg38, if files exist in both hg18-hg38/ and hg19-hg38/, files from latter are prefered. “arrayData”

Network access info:

  • .73 (10G SFP+) has been removed
  • .78 (4x1G bond)

The grch38/ in arraymapMirror/ from are mirrored to arrayData/arraymap/grch38 in

2020-03-31: more ...